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Main Admission Rules

The Moscow Art Theater School named after Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko admits applicants who have complete undergraduate degree and also Russian or non-Russian citizenship as well as individuals without any citizenship living o the territory of Russian Federation.

Russian citizens have a constitutional right to receive free of charge high degree professional education on the competitive basis with stipend if such level of education is received for the first time. Applicants who do not pass the audition can be admitted to the school upon their request on the payment basis without stipend. In case of their successful following study in the end of the first year they can be privileged to be enrolled as a free of charge basis student which must be approved by the faculty board of the school.

In order to begin the admission process the applicants should contact the staff of department they choose and write an official request to the director of the school. The applicants are to be admitted to the school in accordance with audition results.

The official admission request should be attached with the following documents:
  1. official paper that proves applicants citizenship (passport or other official paper)
  2. hard copy or officially approved Xerox copy of undergraduate degree
  3. six passport size pictures (3x4 cm)
  4. copy of military certificate (for Russian citizens only)
Official admission requests are to be submitted:
  • For acting program from June 20 through June 30;
  • For set-design/costume design/lighting design/arts management from June 20 through July 5.
Audition exams and official admission are held:
  • For the acting program from July 1 through July 15;
  • For set-design / costume design / lighting design / arts management from July 6 through July 20.
Admission is held in accordance with the score that the students gain during the exams. Acting students must go through the preliminary competition that is held from May 6 till June 28. The students who have the same score are judged by the faculty of the school in accordance with the highest credit in professional exam. The students who went through the intensive course of acting training at the school before the exams do not have any privilege over the other students. The students who do not show up for the admission exams and do not have any substantial reason for that or get an unsatisfactory credit are to be excluded from the competition and can t be admitted to the school.

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