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Sergey Bezrukov

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

He was born in 1973 in family of the actor and director Vitaly Bezrukov.
He graduated from The Moscow Art Theatre School in 1994 (class of O. Tabakov), and in the same year was invited to the Moscow Tabakov Theatre. His previous work included: “Bumbarash“ (Student), “The Inspector” (Quarter), „Biloksy-blues” (Eugene Gerom), «The Ñooperage, overstocked with Goods» (Telescopov), “Sailor's Silence“ (David Schwarz), “The Hour of Triumph on Local Time“ (Saratov), “Jokes” (Kalinevich and Stupak). He plays in various theatrical projects, in enterprises: „The Temptation”, „The Witch” (Theatrical agency «Art — partner of XXI century»). He plays in the Moscow Art Theatre in: “Amadey“ (Mozart), „The Sacred Fire” (Maurice Tebret). Since 2002 Sergey plays the great Russian poet in performance “Alexander Pushkin” under Vitaly Bezrukov's play and in his staging in the Yermolova Theatre.
He worked some years on TV - sounded 11 characters in the program “Dolls“ (NTV). Until recently Sergey actively cooperates with soundindustry. On his account work in radioshows: “Love to three oranges“ and “About Fedot-archer …“ Leonid Filatov (Sergey sounds all characters), radiostatement “Azazel“ (role of Fandorin), “The Collection of verses of Yesenin“. All these shows were released on compact discs.
His film work consists of: “Crusader” M. Tumanishvili and A. Inshakova, „On a brisk Place” A. Saharova, „Chinese Service” V. Moskalenko, „Instead of me” V. Basova, A. Sidorov in „The Brigade”, „Azazel” A. Adabashjana, etc.
In 1997 he was awarded with the State premium of the Russian Federation for Yesenin's role in performance “My life, or you has dreamed me“ in the Yermolova Theatre. The premium “The Moscow Debuts” for Peter's role („Last ones”) (1995). The premium of a broadcasting company TV - 6 “The Seagull“ in the nomination “The Break” for role of Alexander in performance „The Loony” (1996). The premium of the mayoralty of Moscow (1997) the Premium of business circles “Idol” (1997) the Premium of the newspaper “Moscow komsomolez“ for role of Alexey in performance „The Lower Depth” (2000). The premium of IV National Festival of Arts “Southern nights“ in the nomination “The Best male Role in an Enterprise” for a role in performance „The Bunk” (2000). In 2002 in competition “The Persons of an Year“ Sergey received the award as „The Actor of an Year”.
Oleg Tabakov about Sergey Bezrukov:
Seldom who has so happy destiny from young. As Victor Rozov would tell, Sergey has swallowed atom of the sun. Thus he has problems, he persistently tries to improve himself. He has boldness to make the way to the difficult, bitter minutes in existence of his personages. He snatches for work, as a lion hungry. Actor's passion in him, which is given him by nature, is not spent. Day of a life for him is a day at a theatre. He works outside the theatre very much. After a gain of various awards it is possible to work less outside the theatre. I would prefer, that the same discontent with self remaines at him, but insistence to a choice of actor's works increases. And nevertheless — forward, Sergey!

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