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First year
Basics of†actors work along with the line of†the “Actor prepares”. Revealing indiduality of†the actor through etudes (objects, animals, observation, parodies, silence etudes). Developing techniques for attention/awareness, communication skills on†stage in†scenes, imagination and fantasy, ways to†use affective memory, sense of†truth and reality on†stage, perception. Studying the concept of†given circumstances.

Second year
Deep Studying of†given circumstances concept on†the examples of†different playwrights. Work on†the scenes from the plays accoring to†the individuality of†the students. Applying the skills worked out during the first year to†the actual text of†writers. Analisys of†a†play: Row of†events, definition of†evetns, main event, stage action: logic, sequence; expediency, through-line, nature of†the conflict, objective, super objective, justification of†the objectives, expressive means and accomplishment of†the objective, atmosphere, genre, artistic image, internal and external characteristics, transformation, nature of†ensemble work.

Third year
Woring on†the role. The main accent during this year is†made towards creation of†the role in†an†actual production. Students work on†separate acts from plays, studying different genre approach. The main objective of†the third year of†study to†learn how to†act in†the character. In†the end of†the year students represent their work to†the faculty to†make a†decision about their diploma productions.

Fourth year
Students work on†approved productions. This year of†study is†considered as†transitional year before the professional career in†theater. Interaction with the audience. Working with director. Analyzing work of†each performance. Getting prepared for the auditioning process.
The graduates of†the acting faculty receive diploma of†specialist of†acting art; directing Ô†masterůs degree.

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