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Acting Program Intensive Course

Program Description

The program is split into two parts: 1) basic dramatic skills: training, etudes, work on dramatic extracts; 2) auditioning reading: analysis of literary material and its dramatic expression.
  1. Basic Dramatic Skills
    1. Basic elements of interaction improvement
      • tempo-rhythm exercises
      • awareness and concentration
      • imagination and fantasy
      • affective and emotional memory
      • perception
      • communication
      • creation and analysis of given circumstances
    2. Training:
      • tempo-rhythm set-up with clapping
      • rhythm pattern
      • clap-passing with attitude (slap, compliment, friendly greeting, gossip, picking-on and etc.)
      • one musical bar delay and etc.
    3. Practical skills of being on stage:
      • elementary physical actions for "public solitude"
      • etudes on organic silence (one person, two people, group)
      • observations
      • profession etc.
  2. Analysis of literary material and its dramatic expression.
    • logic, consequences, expediency
    • perception and sincerity in reading
    • events, main event
    • through-line
    • nature of conflict
    • objective, super objective and etc.

Audition for the course

Applicant should prepare a monologue in prose, a fable and poetry. Auditioner has to reveal his/her emotional vision of the material, ability to think and sustain the perspective of the material read. Also they should demonstrate vocal, dancing and physical skills. Students of the intensive course have classes two times per week four hours per class.

The calendar of study:

    October - November;
    December - January;
    February - March;
    April - May.

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