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Costume Design

The Moscow Art Theater School program in Costume Design was developed by Professor Eleonora Maklakova and is led by the talented and experienced faculty of the department of Production Design Technology. In the five-year curriculum, students are exposed to the full history of costume — from ancient to modern times. In studying the history and theory of clothing from different cultures throughout the centuries, and in practical application through production design and internships, students build all of the skills necessary to serve as future costume designers at world-renowned theatres.

In conjunction with their study of historical and theatrical costumes, students also take classes in art history and other academic disciplines. They visit the collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg historical museums and storages of the Russian State Library, helping them to round out their time spent studying costumes of the Ancient World, Byzantine, Russia (pre-Mongolian — 20th century), and Western Europe (Medieval Age — 20th Century) time periods.

To put their knowledge into practice, students participate in semester projects in which they are responsible for full replications of costumes for specified characters and historical periods. They also develop full designs for an act of a play assigned by the professor. The program culminates in the fifth year, when students research, conceive, and design a full-length production with a cohesive vision and unifying design elements. Students also have an opportunity to hold internships at prestigious Moscow theaters during their fourth and fifth year.

Foreign students with extensive knowledge of the Russian language and a serious, vested interest in studying costume design are welcome to contact the school about developing an exchange program for college credit.

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