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The Moscow Art Theater School has had a directing program in several different periods throughout its history. Initially the directing program was led by Oleg Efremov and Rosa Sirota. Graduates included leading modern Russian directors and playwrights such as Alexei Kazantsev, Nikolai Skorik, Igor Vlasov, Mikhail Makeyev, Nadezhda Ptushkina (playwright), and Daniil Ginkas. After a pause of many years a new directing program was designed three years ago and led by Kama Ginkas, one of the most innovative directors of modern Russian theater.

As a pupil of Georgii Tovstonogov, Ginkas continues to develop main creative ideas of his master in the education of a director. Ginkas teaches his pupils to take full responsibility for everything that happens on stage. He believes that the director is responsible even when the actor plays badly.

For the past three years of study students have been experimenting with different ways of working with students in the acting program, and in the beginning of the third year they presented a show developed from the paintings of Mark Chagal. After the presentation the master teacher had the idea to carry this work to the professional level on the stage of the Moscow TYUZ (Theater of Young Spectators). The orginators os this work were invited to be co-authors of the professional production. This is how the show Dreams of Exile was born at Moscow TYUZ. This show can be considered as a co-production of the Moscow Art Theater Schoolós directing faculty and Moscow TYUZ. The term of study for the directing program is five years. There is no planed directing course for the next year.

Kama Ginkas with his students

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